In the beginning of June severe flooding damaged many German cities. Many retailers were affected by the flood. That’s why the Handelsverband Germany has called to donate. Several fashion brands such as Mustang, S.Oliver, Clinton, Tamaris and M.O.D also announced they will donate to German flood victims. Support has taken shape through fundraising campaigns to donate to the affected, as well as direct support of the affected.

Sportswear International discussed with affected retailers the situation and what kind of support they have received.

Susan Ranet, Soultrip, Döbeln:

“On June 2nd we had about 50cm of water in the store. The mud and water has since gone. We are currently busy with repairs. The flaggings had to be removed and the floor screed is still wet. We have to wait and see whether we have to remove the floor. I hope not. Regarding summer sales and the expected loss in revenue with the flood it doesn’t look good. We have no insurance. After the flood in 2002 it was hard to be insured. The fashion brands offered us a 30-60 day extension to pay for our stock. One company has exempted us from our bill. All in all the situation remains difficult as we have a big stock of summer pieces and the next collection is already ready to be delivered.”

Sigmar Richter, Zeitsprung, Greiz:

“On June, 2nd we got a call from a regular customer, who saw sandbags in front of the store. We took all the goods to the higher floors. The water came in the afternoon and we had 80cm of water in the store. Our flaggings saved the floor screed and kept it dry. We were able to open again four days later and we are happy that the flood didn’t cause big damage as we are not insured. The fashion brands have offered us payment value date of 30 days, only from German brands. But we have not made use of the offer as we didn’t expect big deliveries, nor open bills that have to be paid.”

Ute Finsterbusch, Go In, Grimma:

“On June 2nd we cleared the lower floor of the store and took all the goods to the higher floors.  The water came a day later the whole store was under water. The water left June 4-5th. Then we started the repairs and removed mud and water. Since then the store has been closed. A pump works all day long to dry the floor. I think about a direct mailing to activate our regular customers by offering 50% to generate some sales. I predict a 10,000 Euro loss in revenue. And we are not insured, we could not get insured with our store location.”