Geox has launched its new accessory line Geox for Valemour. The new collection includes colorful hand-painted sneakers, bags and scarves, which will be sold in Geox’s flagship stores in Milan, Turin, Verona and Padua (Italy).
For this initiative, Geox has teamed-up with the social nonprofit organization Valemour "Più di un Sogno Onlus - Fondazione per la disabilità intellettiva," which helps young adults with mental disabilities find employment. It has involved 40 young adults in the embellishment processes, supervised by color artisan Fulvio Luparia, who could help the kids express their ability by the use of color.
As a result, bright color mixes characterized the canvas sneakers, multicolored maxi scarves and shopping bags. For the project, the young adults involved have decorated 6,500 pieces made out of canvas-silk– each one unique and different from the other.
The collection will be available on the Geox e-commerce website and 250 Geox stores in Italy. All profits raised by this initiative will be devoted to the Valemour Onlus.