Shopstyle is what we call a meta-search engine for fashion, and it is a pretty large-scale one. This means that the platform unites the offer of more than 1,200 retailers (including large internet players such as Asos, MyTheresa or Zalando but also mono-brand stores) and thereby 12,000 brands worldwide on one shopping website. Being a subsidiary of US lifestyle and fashion media site Popsugar, which reaches 1 in 3 millennial women in the US with its easy-engageable contents, Shopstyle is an expert in producing shoppable content itself and additionally maintains a network of international fashion bloggers and online magazines, which link to products via Shopstyle in their contents and blog posts. Since its foundation in 2006, Shopstyle has generated 1 billion leads to different online shops, 260 million of which were created in 2014 alone. Right now, 350 people work for Popsugar globally, creating a turnover of 1.2 billion for their retail partners in 2014. We spoke to Genevieve Kunst, vice president and managing director for Shopstyle/Popsugar Europe, about the conditions of the site’s retailer partnerships, bestsellers and driving traffic through affiliate marketing. Interview by Maria Hunstig

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How does Shopstyle select their partner shops? Are there certain (fashion) criteria which have to be fulfilled?
Firstly, all of our retail partners have to have an online transactional website.  As for fashion-wise criteria, there is no set criteria.  We want to offer our customers the largest selection possible so that when they are looking for something specific, they need to go to only one destination to find it. ShopStyle retailers range from high-end luxury retailers such as Net-a-Porter, MyTheresa, Hugo Boss and Breuninger to more high-street retailers such as Asos and Zalando.

How are the partnership conditions – is Shopstyle involved in the generated turnover?
At the core of our retailer relationships is a traditional CPA or CPC affiliate model in which we get paid for driving traffic to our partners. On top of this, we offer a variety of marketing products including display, solus e-mails [third-party advertisement that is sent to a subscription list comprised of demographics that the third party wants to advertise to], Editors' Picks inclusion, blogger collaborations, etc.

Next to its US site, Shopstyle runs own versions of its site for the UK, Germany and France. Do the country specific versions of Shopstyle link to local webshops only?
The shops available in the local markets are a mixture of local and international retailers.  In Germany, we have on offer nearly 250 retailers with half of them being local German retailers.  However, more than 90% of the total number of retailers on offer in Germany supply us with a local language feed, which means that all of the products and supporting product information are in German.  Driving even more retailers to have local language feeds means an even better experience for our customers in the local markets.

Shopstyle mood imagery
Shopstyle mood imagery
Which additional service/advisory tools does Shopstyle offer?
ShopStyle offers tools such as best in class product filters, the ability to favor products and sale alerts that allow users to find out when the item or brands that they are longing for go on sale.  This is in addition to unique trend content created by our in-house fashion editors.  We also offer Popsugar Insights that provides a whole host of data about the "hottest" and "most popular" items across categories and markets.

Which categories and brands are your bestsellers?
Our top categories are dresses, shoes and handbags.  Our top brands include Givenchy, Asos, Alexander Wang, Burberry, Michael Michael Kors, Saint Laurent, and Christian Louboutin.

Which online marketing measures do you take to lead potential customers to the Shopstyle site?
ShopStyle offers a whole range of marketing opportunities as mentioned above.  These include items such as solus e-mails, display, Editors' Picks inclusion, blogger/retailer/ShopStyle collaborations and turnkey campaigns such as Mother Day, Wedding Hubs, etc.  We also have on offer a product called ShopSense for the blogger community that enables them to monetize their blogs through product links and widgets that they insert within the content they have created.  More than 10,000 bloggers use ShopSense worldwide.

How does ShopStyle differentiate itself from other fashion search engines?
ShopStyle has an unparalleled catalogue of over 12 million products from the most sought-after retailers and brands from across the world.  This breadth of products means that users can find both local and international products in a single place.  Products that were once unavailable in the market (and maybe still are) are now able to be located and purchased because they are available through the catalogue and global shipping.

Shopstyle mood imagery
Shopstyle mood imagery