Gant’s new CEO Patrik Nilsson has set himself ambitious goals: to reposition the brand as a lifestyle brand with a polished image. Starting back in August 2014 at GANT AB in Stockholm, Nilsson wanted to reinvent the brand and make Gant the world’s lifestyle brand within the next five years. Here, Patrik Nilsson talks about how he wants to achieve his goals and the new line Diamond G.

Since August 2014 you are the CEO of GANT. What have been your actions so far?
The brand GANT exists since 1949 and has gathered great products as well as great experiences. Through the years we changed our business strategy from an inside-out-perspective to an outside-in-model. I believe we now have achieved a balance between creative ideas and knowhow. By having this values and experiences we are able to create beautiful products, which nowadays can satisfy consumers’ needs. In resume, with all these insights, we developed three sub labels that form The House of GANT.

Gant’s CEO Patrik Nilsson
Gant’s CEO Patrik Nilsson
For the next 5 years you have an ambitious goal in your mind: GANT should become the world’s leading lifestyle brand. Where is the brand currently positioned?
We represent American sportswear with European sophistication. This is how the typical character of GANT is come through. Our key piece has always been the shirt – we are born and known as shirtmakers. Also in the future the shirt will be an essential piece of our brand.

The rebranding contains the launch of the new line GANT Diamond G (target group from 35 to 45 years), in addition to the mainline Originals and Rugger. Why is this segmentation necessary?
Today, segmentation is the key for success. As a company you need to make sure that you are always aware of your consumers’ needs. In order to do this we have forced ourselves to be clear and more forthcoming for who we are designing for. By having three sub labels we can attain this. Three different lines for three consumer types. The new line GANT Diamond G is about work and travelling with style, refined with a formal and dressed-up touch.

How does the collection look like?
The GANT Diamond G collection is shirt centric. The keywords regarding the line are uptown-downtown, desk to dinner and travel. The collection is focused on versatile and travel-friendly sets and shirts, blurring out the lines between business casual and leisurewear. Key colors are black and white as well as dark blue. Pieces for people, who start their day in one country and fall asleep in another one. This lifestyle means that the Diamond G clothes have to be flexible in style and resistant regarding the quality. To be prepared for every situation – from office to dinner – all without having to pack a large suitcase.

The logo resembles the logo of the 50’s and has been a synonym for quality and fit. Are these impulses of the heritage-values of GANT deliberately chosen?
Yes, the logotype for GANT Diamond G is well connected to the original logo used back in the 50’s. At that time, garments were not easily to distinguish from each other and so the diamond shaped logo soon became a special proof of quality and fit. This is how our company is also going to work in the future.

In which shops do you want to be present with the line GANT Diamond G? Or are you using the current sales channels?
GANT Diamond G will be present in selected stores as well as offered by some leading wholesale partners.

How has the merchandising or the store items been aligned with the rebranding?
By re-launching the brand we also have developed a new store concept. This new concept is more modern and up to date. It is the new face of GANT, without losing GANT’s core values.

Shirts of the Diamond G collection
Shirts of the Diamond G collection