While celebrating its 90th anniversary with a special event and the opening of an own museum in Florence today, Gucci presented the Gucci Immersive Retail Experience in its store on Via Montenapoleone in Milan - a pioneering technology to be progressively implemented to Gucci’s flagship stores around the world over the next two years.

The new technology is aimed at creating a new consumer brand interaction in the Gucci retail environment. Through innovative in-store retail technologies exclusively developed for Gucci by OOOii, one of Hollywood’s premiere technology design companies that collaborated for the making of movies, the role of the Management Information Systems function will be fundamental in developing and implementing this strategic multi-channel approach, where Gucci's physical and online stores will be seamlessly integrated throughout the business.

Patrizio di Marco, Gucci’s President and CEO, said: "This multi-year Immersive Retail Experience initiative underlines our belief in the growing importance of creating highly impactful and sharable brand experiences across all of Gucci’s platforms and touch points by taking advantage of rapid advances in digital technology. The all round sensory experience that a customer will now feel when approaching and entering our Montenapoleone store will create an unprecedented level of engagement."

The immersive display installation at the flagship includes almost fifty 45" and 50" Clarity™ Matrix LCD video wall displays from Planar Systems (planar.com), tiled throughout the store. These ultra-thin, energy-efficient, near-seamless LCD displays, together with OOOii’s graphics engine create life-size interactive images - forming a most technologically-advanced retail environment.

The OOOii Real Time servers that are being installed not only allow ultra-high resolution 4k and 5k imagery to be displayed across the numerous high-resolution Planar displays, but in a second phase will also give a customer the ability to interact with the content in intuitive ways. Pause, rewind and search for specific content by making simple hand gestures in front of the displays. Then, if a customer likes a certain product they will be able to receive an image on their mobile device allowing them to consult with friends and later send a notification to their usual sales assistant in order for an item to be reserved.

Kent Demaine, Founder and CEO of OOOii, said, "For years Hollywood has perfected the art of merging virtual content into the physical world where the two appear to coexist. For Gucci, we have moved these techniques onto a scalable architecture so that this process can happen in real time. The ultimate goal is to allow consumers to explore the world of Gucci in effortless and highly engaging ways, while simultaneously allowing the brand to learn from this participation thereby informing the creation and presentation of future content.”
Gucci Immersive Retail Experience
Gucci Immersive Retail Experience