Copenhagen Fashion Week kicked off on Wednesday with several great fashion shows and some even better news. The Danish Federation of Textile and Clothing reported positive turnover figures for the year 2007, indicating that despite difficulties in the worldwide markets, Danish fashion had a very good year.

The total turnover for textiles and clothing rose from 2006 to 2007 a whopping 10% to 35,228 mio DKK while exports rose by 12.1% to 28,804 mio DKK. The annual turnover in retail rose 5.3% to 38,814 mio DKK. The latest figures for the first half of 2008 show a decline of 8-10%, but employment is up 2.8% (17,602 persons).

The clothing industry alone increased its annual turnover by 8.7% to 23,384 mio DKK and export turnover grew 10.9% to 20,960 mio DKK. The top export clothing countries were Germany with 8.8%, Spain with 6.8%, the Netherlands with 4.4% and the UK with 3.5%. It seems that Danish fashion is still in high demand. Meanwhile, the biggest clothing export market growth was seen in Eastern Europe. Exports to Russia rose 73.7%, Italy 58.5%, Ukraine 40.7% and France 34.7%.

To bolster growth in the region, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland announced at a press conference the launch of Nordic Look, a new platform for fashion and textile brands to showcase Scandinavian creativity to the Baltic and Russian markets. Nordic Look will be a two-day event held November 4-5, 2008, in Riga during Riga Fashion Week. Within that platform is NICE (Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical), a visionary and ambitious project supporting organic fabrics and fair trade.

In other news the fashion fairs CPH Vision, gallery, CIFF and Unfair commenced their summer shows today. The shows run through Sunday, while catwalk presentations end Saturday. The Trends shows and presentations by Noir, Wackerhaus, BZR and Stine Goya were held yesterday. The summer trends for 2009 so far are ruffles, graphic patterns, low-crotch pants, skinny bright colored jeans and oversized tops. This morning Acne presented to a handpicked group of fashion editors its latest fashion range, New Standard, which is a 40-piece womenswear collection inspired by menswear and biking with easy going fabrics and a sporty urban style. Together with Bianchi Acne also launched its first bicycle—a men’s bike for girls with a side-saddle for about €800.

Photo: Sacha Maric