Jeanswear legend Adriano Goldschmied announced last week that he has dissolved his partnership with Koos Manufacturing and sold his eponymous trademark to LA-based Koos, which will continue to produce and distribute the AG Adriano Goldschmied denim brand without him.

Goldschmied also announced that he is working on a new, as yet unnamed line, which he aims to start showing by February 2005. (A non-competition clause in his agreement with Koos prevents him from launching anything sooner.)

Envisioning the new label as a global brand from the get-go, the designer told Sportswear International that the collection will be a tightly edited assortment of men’s and women’s essentials: denim, leather and T-shirts. "They’ll be very, very simple and very, very focused – easy to wear but not basics." he said.

He envisions offering about 25 pieces for women and 15 for men and will target the world’s best specialty stores. He added that the items will be produced not only in California but "wherever I can make the best products possible."

His new company’s headquarters, however, will most definitely be LA-based because "it’s the center of the world in terms of contemporary premium denim lines," he said.