Proving that opposites do indeed attract, a new collaborative project has surfaced between two unlikely candidates, namely the original British sports brand, Gola Classics, and the king of colorful couture, Christian Lacroix.

But make no mistake, the union of the two widely different players has more logic to it than one might think. “In a way, trainers are to the 21st century what shimmering ties and multicolored vests were to the dandies of the 19th century—a distinctive sign, a personal signature,” said Lacroix in a statement. “That is the perspective from which I prefer to view fashion, rather than that of uniformity. Given carte blanche by Gola, I took the opportunity, with much gratitude, to bring the modernity of a contemporary and popular brand together with the timeless baroque of an iconic design of our couture house: the embroideries of a torero cape,” the couturier added.

Fusing high fashion with sports, the resulting footwear range caters for men and women alike. The two styles designed for each will be sold globally through selected stores in 20 countries as of January 2009.

—Emma Holmqvist