Most will remember the effects black light has on white clothes, teeth and eyes. Now another technique is enabling T-shirts and additional objects to glow.

The German label ILMT (I Love My T-Shirt) has developed new innovative methods to give conventional products added glamour. The new collection of glow-in-the-dark T-shirts carries fluorescent prints.

To refresh the glow-in-the-dark print, UV light isn't essential. It might be more effective, but at night one can also use the display of a cell phone or any light source around.

Currently ILMT offers six styles each for men and women plus two unisex styles. ILMT sells its product directly at its online shop. In addition, it will be available in select stores starting this fall.

Retail prices for the glow-in-the-dark shirt are approximately €70. Designers plan to grow the glow-in-the-dark collection with new styles and so-called special styles, such as the painting by numbers T-shirt, an homage to the well-known painting game from childhood.

All T-shirts are made from 100% cotton. Glowing pigments are added to the print, so they aren’t noticeable when worn. (It feels like a normal screen print.)

The label ILMT was founded in 2007 by Franz Hartung, an art director and graphic designer, and Christine Bierhals, a fashion designer and journalist and stylist. Their first collection was launched last fall.

—Melanie Gropler