French label Marithé + François Girbaud ( is restructuring and going upscale. Its new premium line, tagged LegEnd, aims at moving away from classic five-pocket styling and incorporating experiences from the last 30 years, especially inventions from the label’s own “Jeanovation.”

Reminiscent of the “Signature Tags” developed by the Girbauds 35 years ago, the designer names are for the first time only to be seen on the label. Another unique feature of the new line with seven men’s and ten women’s styles are the studs on the back of the jeans, made of silver and other metals.

Retail prices range from €120-180. The jeans are available in three to four treatments and come in two lengths. The Girbaud label will also be launching a new luxury designer line and plans to expand retail operations. Thirty new stores will be opening, mostly in Asia (Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing), in Arabic countries such as Dubai and Morocco and in Milan, Athens, London and Amsterdam. The expansion could see sales revenue of €100 million in three years. To achieve this goal, a new company was set up with shareholder Ferretti, which is based in San Giovanni, near Cattolica.

Under the management of Simone Badoli and Olivier Bachellerie, GIR+A&F is aiming since last September to produce a closer-knit logistics infrastructure, more effective business structures and “dynamic distribution." A total of €25 million is being invested.

- Barbara Markert

Photo: Girbaud's LegEnd denim