Ginch Gonch, the Canada-based men’s and women’s underwear and loungewear brand known for its colorful and cheeky styles, inaugurated its new guerilla marketing campaign on Sunday, June 14 in downtown Montreal by staging a mock protest against boring, plain white underwear. The company mobilized several underwear-clad protesters and picketers who used placards, a loudspeaker and distributed literature to passersby to communicate the “No More Tighty Whities!” campaign’s manifesto, which reads: “Ginch Gonch openly denounces any and all forms of boring briefs, blah boxers and granny panties.”

Additional on-the-street initiatives will follow from Jun. 17-27 and if the campaign is successful the company plans to bring it to other North American cities such as Toronto and New York in July and August.

All the “NMTW!” events will be videotaped and diffused virally online on the campaign’s website,

—Christopher Blomquist