G-Star's new s/s 2011 global advertising campaign introduces rising British actress, Gemma Arterton, in images captured by photographer and film maker Anton Corbijn. The actress is known for her roles in Hollywood blockbusters, but also starring in independent films as well as in stage performances. “Gemma's diverse career choices, as well as her ability to remain down-to-earth and aware of her working class roots despite her meteoric rise in the industry, mirror G-Star's philosophy of combining unexpected influences and contradictory elements chic and RAW, streetwear and couture, denim and silk - to create something fresh," explains a spokesperson of the company. “Her independent style and authentic femininity perfectly embody the modern G-Star woman and underscore the ad campaign's theme of RAW Elegance.

Arterton was also the curator of the London RAW Night, an eclectic mix of performance, art, music, fashion and film, which took place January 13. During the event, an old church was transformed into part gallery, part performance stage, part disco and part art installation where cutting-edge talents from across the creative world were presented.

The s/s 2011 global advertising campaign will also, once again, feature world chess player number one, Magnus Carlsen. After beating the entire world in G-Star's RAW World Chess Challenge on September 10, 2010, Magnus has recently opted to withdraw from the preliminaries for the next World Chess Championship and instead concentrate his efforts on popularizing chess amongst the wider public.

The s/s 2011 campaign will go live on the streets, in store windows and in magazines as of mid-February 2011.