Italian jeans brand Gas has launched its new website. The new site focuses on a more essential and fresher image and is more interactive and product-oriented. The aim of the redesign is to let the product take center stage, making it become almost tangible through the customer's screen.

All of the products are enhanced with detailed descriptions and images that can be enlarged using optimized zoom functions as well as with videos that focus on the details, finishes and fits of the pieces, making it easier to decide which style is most suited to anyone's figure – an essential factor when it comes to choosing jeans. In addition, once the ideal garment has been found, purchasing is made easy by the integration of the corporate and e-commerce sites.

Completing the website is the new magazine area, full of information about the GAS world, ideas and style suggestions along with a section called “I Love Denim.”Here GAS will present original ideas for recycling old jeans and creatively giving them a new life while involving users by encouraging them to post their “denim recycling” projects on Facebook. The best ones will also be published in the magazine and on Twitter, thanks to the perfect synergy created between the various social networks where the brand is active.