By the end of 2010 Gas ( plans to implement 600 points of sale in the Indian market.

Grotto S.p.A., which produces and distributes the label, has announced a joint venture of 50% with textile company Indian Raymond Ltd. According to the agreement, the sportswear brand will be distributed within a flagship store, exclusive franchise stores, luxury department stores and selected multi-stores.

Gas founder and president Claudio Grotto said of the deal: “We are glad to work with Raymond Ltd. which has a strong multi-channel distribution and has the experience to create relevant brands in India.”

The offered collections will be fashionable and with an international spirit. Denim looks will be key and will be completed with styles targeted to trendy cosmopolitan consumers.

Grotto S.p.A. invested six million euro in the joint venture and based its decision on studies on the Indian market, which reveal that since India’s population is constantly growing and is getting richer, the demand for fashion brands there is increasing enormously. At present, about 90 million denim pieces are sold in India each year and 30% of those are Gas products.

Gas is distributed in 56 countries in 3,000 shops. With an ever-growing export business, the label has six European branches (Italy, Germany, France, Spain, the UK and Hungary), one in Tokyo and one in Hong Kong.

— Barbara Stockinger, Contributing Editor