In case you missed it all week, British designer Gareth Pugh’s live dressmaking on SHOWstudio was nothing short of brilliant. In London, Pugh was invited to set up a temporary work place at 1-9 Bruton Place and create on site a one-of-a-kind garment for the online SHOWstudio SHOP over an eight-hour period over three days. (The item, featuring angelskin fabric supplied by Chrisanne, will be sold alongside three exclusive one-off prints by famed photographer Solve Sundsbo.) Viewers were able to witness Pugh’s work-in-progress in real time, and even post questions to Pugh, with the final design set to be photographed by SHOWStudio Director Nick Knight this weekend. The fashion industry got a pretty good sense of Knight’s genius, merging the designer, medium and consumer into one space, during his collaboration with Alexander McQueen in October. Fortunately, we hear, SHOWStudio plans to hold more of these exclusive events in the near future.