“Our society is a throwaway society. Our kids often are not able any more to appreciate things,” says Ole Madsen, CEO of the Danish jeans brand Gabba. ”Especially in times of the economic crisis we should reclaim the value of things.” With this in mind, Madsen has launched a special repair program for denim jeans. The limited edition of 1,500 and produced in Italy S/S “Justin” jean (€130) comes in a destroyed style and is being sold in 100 select multibrand shops in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Once the denim is completely worn through, consumers can resort to Gabba’s repair service. It costs just €15 and the schedule is as follows: through October, Scandinavian retailers will accept the shabby “Justin” styles back and send them to Gabba to be repaired by Italian tailors and by hand to keep an authentic look. The pants will then be returned to stores and consumers in November.

—Barbara Stockinger-Torelli