Yesterday, G-Star celebrated the opening of their first German womens-only store in Munich. The store is located in the city center, in the small Schäfflerstr. 3 near Marienplatz. Its two floors occupy a surface of 180 square meters. G-Star already operates three more womens-only stores: Two in the Netherlands and one in Belgium.
During the opening, we spoke to Axel Schukies, Country Manager G-Star Germany, and Womenswear Designer Paulina Seropian, about trends, expansion plans and why women shop differently. Interview by Maria Hunstig

At the opening: Axel Schukies with Paulina Seropian (l.) and German actress Friederike Kempter (r.)
At the opening: Axel Schukies with Paulina Seropian (l.) and German actress Friederike Kempter (r.)


What can you say about the location, why Munich?
Munich is, and always has been, an important city for G-Star. It has a big scene of fashionable people who understand our brand and are open to new interesting concepts.

Who made the store concept and what’s the idea behind it?
The concept has been made by a G-Star in-house team of architects and womenswear designers. We developed it because we noticed there is no denim concept specifically for women in the market, and because we know women shop very different from men. Due to the growing success of our women’s collections we had the feeling our brand was in the right place to make this move. And as we see the results from the first stores we already opened, like Amsterdam - we were right. The market is ready for it.

What’s next on the expansion agenda?
The next opening of a G-Star Women Store will be in Dortmund, coming May.
Other openings are pending on finding the right locations but more stores will definitely follow.

Will there be men’s-only G-Star stores, too?
Not for the moment.


Paulina Seropian
Paulina Seropian
Which main trends of the G-Star collection do you put focus on in the new store?
Next to our denim basics like the Skinny, G-star also offers a new range for the more fashion-forwarded women looking for an elegant alternative. We call this the Denim Nonchalant, which is a new range of women’s denim that combines a more relaxed silhouette with premium hand-aged finishes. It contains 5 styles, each one of them carefully designed to look loose and still flatter where needed.
The Type C, which is worn by our campaign model Lily Cole, is the key denim in this range this season.

Which new trends will be coming with the FW’14 collection?
For Fall/ Winter 2014 we are putting a spotlight on dark denim. Women’s pieces in deep blacks are offered in a range of coatings and finishes. Ranging from classic raw denims, to modern semi-matte versions or refined lusters – by varying black textures and materials, timeless style is easy to achieve. G-Star dark denims work perfectly when skillfully layered, giving a subtle, sophisticated look.

Denim couture dress in the store
Denim couture dress in the store
After years and years of skinny fits – what will be the next women’s silhouette in
Skinnys have really become a true wardrobe essential for every woman, resulting in new demands from women to create a unique look. Which is why we introduce the Denim Nonchalants for Spring/ Summer 2014. They are inspired by men's pantaloons and worker pants, but we redesigned and reconstructed them into attractive denims that enhance the feminine shape. To develop the perfect nonchalant denim fit, every pattern combines traditional tailoring and modern moulage techniques which are developed by our atelier in Amsterdam.

Why do you think it is necessary that women get their own (man-free) G-Star store?
Women shop differently than men. By focusing fully on women we can offer better service and more personal service. For women, it is not easy to find perfectly fitting jeans. In this store we don’t only offer women a broad range of denim; we will also help them find their favorite jeans by offering her the help of well-trained store staff while experiencing what G-star’s denim craftsmanship can do for your look and figure.
Also with this store concept G-star further builds on this position in the market and claims its expertise when it comes to women’s denim.