Dutch denim brand G-Star developed a new female version of their Arc Pant. The Arc 3D Super Skinny features a special three-dimensional construction which is reached by the manipulation of fabric patterns, the controlled extension and shrinkage of seams and several other shaping techniques.

The tight-fitting new shape has been especially designed for female proportions. Moreover, G-Star has reworked the appearance of their back pockets, as Rebekka Bach, Creative Director for Women’s Jeans at G-Star RAW explains: “We have special designers who calculate the perfect shape of every jeans model’s back pockets. They are very important in order to reach flattering fits. The space between the pockets, their type and even the seam color help to bring out the best of each wearer’s body shape.”

Several models of the Arc 3D Super Skinny are already available in the shops, additional colors or washings will be delivered later this month and in January. Retail prices start from € 119.