Dutch denim giant G-Star ((g-star.com) selected Tokyo Designer’s Week 2007, to physically showcase its passion for product craftsmanship this past week with a specially made booth.

Entering the 75 m2 glass pavilion space, exhibitors, press and visitors stepped into an infotainment environment which was created by the company’s in-house team to symbolizes accessibility. Intended to trigger the visitors’ curiosity and communicate openness, the look and feel of the steel and wooden floor capture the design ideals of the brand: raw, stylish, pure, and functional.

This clean uniformity allows for the objects and clothing to be showcased most effectively and in their purest form. Handcrafted objects, waxed denim coats, the newest styles from the NY Raw Special edition and some Summer 2008 collection highlights were on show, familiarizing the visitors with G-Star’s signature style.

All interior elements from booth design to furniture were made by G-Star’s Interior Design department - always with an extensive eye for detail. Among 8000 voisitors, mostly from Japan, went to see the exhibition called 100%Design in Tokyo.