On 27 August 2014, Gianfranco Fornari, founder of Fornari Spa, departed at the age of 77. Despite suffering from an incurable illness, Mr. Fornari had managed his company for 60 years.

Born in 1937, in Civitanova Marche, in the very heart of Italy’s Marche footwear district, he followed his four generation family path expertise in this market. Very young he started experimenting with constant ingeniousness and technical curiosity, always focusing on new production techniques, models and materials.

Since the beginning, proofing his ability and smartness, Gianfranco Fornari introduced new shapes and colors to the market, reaching beyond usual traditional footwear schemes.
In 1947 he founded Fornari Spa from which Fornarina, the company’s own trendy women footwear line, originated.
In 1963 Gianfranco married Elena Minnetti who supported him in his entrepreneurial visions. From their marriage their two sons Lino and Giuseppe were born. They both are now involved in carrying ahead his company’s mission.
In 1969 he opened their first direct store and in addition to offering footwear and accessories, they also launched their first apparel line.
In the 1970s Fornarina obtained success as a streetwear brand and became an international phenomenon growing in London and soon after in China, America and Hong Kong.

Bashfully, curious and hilarious, he was often telling about anecdotes. He constantly experimented and collaborated with medical and anatomical experts and most prestigious Italian footwear brands in order to always develop and offer the best and most comfortable shoes.
He spent his whole life establishing direct and strong relationships with his employees and also generously helped those who needed help.

The whole footwear segment will miss a great expert, an unstoppable creative mind and a great human personality everyone can learn from.