While participating in the last edition of Bread & Butter, Fornarina announced a series of new projects, which involves a focus on foreign expansion.

The company has announced that from F/W 2013/2014 it will manage the brand's own line of bags internally. For this season the company has produced a small collection that will be sold exclusively in the Fornarina monobrand stores, while for S/S 2014 they will offer a bag line developed according to nine different models, each of which will be available in 2/3 variants, to be sold through the brand's wholesale network. The collection will be inspired by the colours and themes of the Fornarina apparel collection and a special focus will be given to a different Fornarina Icon Bag every season.

During the Berlin trade show Fornarina presented its enlarged collection of women's jeans Fornarina Perfect Shape. This denim collection was launched for S/S 2013 as a single model available in 15 variants only and has now grown to include four fits and a total of 65 variants including a selection of models with Swarovski applications and models made with special denims that show fluorescent denim variants on the inner side and white on the outer side of the garment.

Moreover, the company continues its policy of debt restructuring while registering significant positive economic results. Right now they are strongly involved with store openings in the former USSR countries. They have opened 30 stores in two years and will continue to follow this path of foreign expansion. Moreover they will soon sign a joint venture with their Russian partner. Far Eastern countries also represent a significant business for the company that has recently founded the Fornarina Asian Pacific Company based in Hong Kong through which they have already opened 13 stores in China. They have also started a partnership with Korea. In this market they have already sold 10,000 pairs of their “Special” sneaker model.

“We are strongly committed to increasing our presence abroad,” commented Andrea Sanchione, brand manager apparel, Fornarina. “After structuring ourselves in different countries where we earn a good part of our turnover we have started expanding in other markets.” At the end of 2012 our export rate counted for 46% of our sales. By 2013 we expect 65% of our sales to come from foreign markets, especially Eastern and Northern Europe.”