Fornarina wants to expand in Asia and in the US. For this they hired Paolo Wolfram, long time fashion industry insider and manager of their expansion in these two market areas.

The Italian footwear and fashion brand had already founded its Fornari Asian Pacific subsidiary in Hong Kong in the 1990s and now aims at increasing this division’s activities. They also will open a new Shanghai showroom that will be operating between the end of January and the beginning of February 2014. Thanks to these two structures they will expand to China, Taiwan, Corea and Indonesia.

Fornarina has recently opened 12 stores in China (one of which was inaugurated in Beijing on 26 December 2013). They expect to reach about 27 stores by June 2014 and 50 by the end of 2014/beginning of 2015. The final aim of their operation is to open over 200 stores by 2017-2018 in China.

They also expect to open 2 Fornarina stores in Djakarta, Indonesia, by March 2014 in collaboration with the Sogo and Seibu groups. They aim to reach about 16 openings by end of 2014 in Indonesia. “Our aim is to grow significantly in the Asian market within the next three years and make it become our most important market and reach sales of €100 millions by 2017-18,” commented Wolfram. These goals will be achieved through retail operations, also based on the launch of a new retail concept, as well as through an increase of sourcing activities in Asia.

Fornarina also aims to expand in the USA. For this they recently closed a distribution agreement with Gets LLC, a newborn company founded in New York by expert insiders of the footwear business. The new company aims to start operating by S/S 2014 season and distribute Fornarina to about 150-200 doors (mostly based in department stores) by the end of 2014. They aim to distribute the brand to about 1,000 doors in the whole US market by the end of 2017.