Fornari spa, the specialist Italian fashion streetwear and footwear company known for producing Fornarina apparel and footwear, will revive its historical Barleycorn brand for the F/W 2013/2014 season. The operation is meant to step back into the men’s shoe market with a product that has its DNA in a mix of tradition and innovation.

Barleycorn, founded in 1991, is recognised for its quality products and innovative design content. Today, it takes a step forward, combining tradition and craftsmanship with the latest-generation high-tech materials.

The new project re-visits a classic style with a contemporary touch and offers three lines developed in a huge colour palette. “Air” is the iconic shoe within Barleycorn’s new mood and combines a classic British taste with high-tech Material; it features an Air Bag in the sole for cushioning effect. “Flexy” is a derby-style Oxford with a very particular sole in Phylon, ultra-light, flexible carbon fibre. “Classic” is an iconic lace-up suede ankle shoe, a product that follows the brand’s heritage by combining classic styles with sporting elements. All models are made with top quality hide, such as water-repellent calfskin featuring the 3M water resistant and stain-proof Scotchgard treatment.

The Barleycorn project will target the international markets through a selected network of agencies specializing in mid to high-end product distribution. The start-up projects fifty-thousand pairs will be sold in the first season, primarily at the main trade shows in the industry. The products will be distributed in France, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia, Italy, Eastern Europe, Asia and Spain.