Diesel’s creative director Nicola Formichetti has launched his fourth Tribute Collection by Nicola Formichetti Sport#2, inspired by iconic pieces from Diesel’s archives. For this collection he focused on a contemporary interpretation of sports, a key inspiration for the brand since its early days.

By creating a rebel and young look collection, Formichetti has mixed wide silhouette trousers and skirts completed by elastic waistbands and thick zippers, together with nylon bombers imbued with a 90’s atmosphere. Black and white graphics and psychedelic motives decor cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts.

The collection will hit the stores from September 2015
The collection will hit the stores from September 2015
Military references are also part of the whole collection, while comfy knitwear items, smart double breasted coats and feminine fur-collared cabans for women – all in military green - complete the selection characterized by geometric details in bright pink and electric blue.

In order to fully interpret his new vision of Diesel, Formichetti has declared London as worldwide inspiring city for the new course of the brand. For this, the Diesel Tribute Collection will be exclusively presented in Paris, in the London Show Rooms, in collaboration with the British Fashion Council (BFC) from 4 to 11 March 2015.

The collection will be sold from September 2015 in a selected number of stores worldwide.

London Show Rooms represent an opportunity for emerging British designers willing to promote themselves outside of London.  The pop-up showroom London Show Rooms initiative is part of a promoting strategy by the British Fashion Council. BFC has inaugurated the London Show Rooms in 2008, bringing to Paris some emerging British talents within the Paris Fashion Week.