On 30 September 2013, all former textile, paper and emulsions businesses of Clariant were acquired by private investment firm SK Capital Partners. These three divisions will be combined into an integrated, market-focused and collaborative company. The name of the new company grouping together the three divisions is Archroma.

These global divisions possess recognised brands and leading technologies in dyes, pigments, emulsions and surface active chemicals used in the textile, paper, coatings, construction and adhesive industries. Together, they generate revenues of approximately $1.3 billion, operate from twenty five facilities around the world and employ approximately 3,000 employees.

To lead Archroma, SK Capital have brought together a skilled senior leadership team with significant experience in the chemicals and process industries who will work closely together in order to ensure a smooth transition to an independent consolidated company.

Newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Alexander Wessels, who joins Archroma with almost 25 years of chemical, pharmaceutical and process industry experience. His most recent position was president and CEO of DSM Pharmaceutical Products, a global pharmaceutical ingredients and contract manufacturing organization.

Wessels: “We believe that realigning the three businesses into a single integrated, market-focused and dynamic company will benefit our customers. We know who we are and what we can offer them - innovation, performance, technical expertise, quality, reliability, a global footprint and a commitment to sustainability."

He adds: "We expect that we can continue and accelerate what Clariant has been doing until now in terms of innovation and sustainability, since before these three divisions were considered as non-core businesses within a publicly-owned company, whereas from now on they will be considered as core businesses within a private company. We expect to also provide value chain performance in most different segments - including sport apparel and sustainable issues. We also expect to better serve high-growth market areas." Wessels hereby refers to market areas that the new company will focus on. The company will concentrate one third on the Americas, one third on Europe and Africa, and one third on Asia, where they expect a slightly higher growth for textiles.

"Clariant always lead in terms of pursuing sustainable issues and we want to accelerate in this direction, especially since in the last ten years so much has been developed in this area. Our aim is to pursue investing in developing new technologies and solutions in terms of waste reductions of energy, water and chemicals, while we will continue following the 'One Way’ system standards embedded within Clariant, which are aimed at helping our customers choose the most strategic solutions in terms of carbon footprint, carbon dioxide emission reduction and similar issues."

Archroma will be headquartered in Switzerland and its textile specialties, paper solutions and emulsions products businesses will be managed respectively, as they are today, from Singapore, Switzerland and Brazil.

SK Capital is a US private investment firm with a disciplined focus on the specialty materials, chemicals and healthcare sectors. "Our portfolio companies generate revenues of over 7 billion Dollar annually and employ more than 7,000 people."