The German company MohrModels has developed a patented E-shop model exclusively designed for the efficient and professional production of 3D cut-out photographs. They provide a genuine alternative to customary mannequins.

The E-Shop model is the first mannequin especially produced to secure a professional workflow within the online visual merchandise sector. The mannequins resemble regular mannequins at first sight, but with deep cut outs at the busts and backs in order to allow for a fast and professional photographic reproduction of clothing atop the mannequin. Owing to the hollow man effect, customers can view inside a garment, meaning no second image is required. Additional retouching, especially around the neckline, is also reduced to a minimum. A magnetic lock system allows fast changes in gesture and size. This means: more visual variation and less expenditure of time and money.

The Berlin based company reacts with this patented mannequin to the fast changing environment of online trading with the integration of interactive zoom, mouse-over and 360 degree visualization.