The international sensorial congress, which focuses on how to use multi-sensorial marketing strategies successfully, will debut from September 4-5 at the Dorint Pallas Hotel in Wiesbaden. The event was organized by the Conference Group (Deutscher Fachverlag) and the Neuro Merchandising Group in cooperation with media partners Sportswear International, Horizont, TextilWirtschaft and Lebensmittelzeitung. After a short welcome and introduction by the founder and co-owner of the Neuro Merchandising Group GmbH & Co. KG Bert M. Ohnemüller, marketing professionals from various industries will share their experiences and ideas and lead participant-driven discussions. Topics covering the corporate- or brand-led staging of taste as well as how insights from brain research can be used for advertising, retail and branding will be discussed.
Joachim Wiechmann of Starbucks Coffee will talk about how a coffee break can transform into an adventure. Benneton’s director for research and innovation Alfio Pozzoni and project manager and researcher Giovanni Flore will discuss how attention is a result of sensorial summation. Giovanni Bussy, sales director at Italy’s Costa Group, will deal with the topic of how “Eataly” has turned grocery shopping into a multi-sensorial activity. Marketing professor Dr. Peter Kenning of Friedrichshafen’s Zeppelin University will focus on the issue of how consumers make purchasing decisions and finally, Beat Grossenbacher, founder and owner of Switzerland’s Air Creative AG, will talk about how various smells influence consumers.
Interested parties can register for the event at for 1190 plus sales tax per person, or buy the congress materials for 399 plus sales tax or 199 for students.