Italian luxury car brand Ferrari has opened a new store in Milan’s city centre, presenting a completely renovated concept, which is more focused on lifestyle, experience shopping and entertainment. Aim of the operation is to start conveying and re-echoing - in smaller scale - the spirit of memorable locations such as, for instance, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park in Abu Dhabi.

After closing their previous smaller 300 sq. meter lifestyle store in Piazza Liberty, managed under a franchising agreement, the prestigious car brand from Maranello opened this new own three-floor, 750 sq. meter experience store in Via Berchet 2, at the end of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

The new shopping destination, designed by architect Massimo Iosa Ghini, is devised with the aim to become a must-go shopping destination and recall three different types of visitors such as the Ferrari fans, the aficionados of the Ferrari lifestyle and men looking for exclusive luxury products. Therefore, the store offers men’s, women’s and kids’ apparel and accessories (including a selection of shoes produced by Tod’s), the top notch Pr1ma luxury men’s apparel line, as well as gadgets, toys and memorabilia such as unique vintage and new Ferrari car components.

The store also hosts a series of interactive video walls, multisensory areas and, from mid-April 2015, it will also host four F1 simulators through which visitors will be able to feel as if they were driving true Ferrari cars.

The opening of this store is part of the company’s strategy to further expand its retail network implementing their new concept. At present they have already opened 30 stores in 14 countries (28 under franchising agreements). Presently, the company has already introduced four stores designed in the style of the new concept. In addition to the newly opened stores of Milan and the one based in Maranello, where the Ferrari car company is based, they also opened a store in St. Petersburg, Russia, in September 2014. The fourth store marked by the new philosophy is expected to reopen in Rome, in via Tomacelli in May 2015. Future redesigns and store openings are expected, for instance, in the US, where Ferrari is already present with stores in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Impression of the store inside
Impression of the store inside