As part of its autumn/winter 17-18 collection Italian jersey specialist Eurojersey introduced a new creative concept: ‘A dress for each flair’ features eight imageries of dresses each supporting an iconic silhouette. This concept is meant to point out the function and characteristics of different jersey qualities and is part of Eurojersey’s Sensitive Fabrics range.

It shall also underline the versatility that jersey can offer to allow to create silhouettes that reach from casualwear to formal dressing. Among these eight archetypes is for example the ‘Shape Dress’ which stands for “flexuous shaping to emphasize and remodel the silhouette“ which corresponds to Eurojersey’s Sensitive Plus Bonded fabric. Another key style according to Eurojersey is the ’Drape Dress’: “a soft dress with side drape to create a flexuous movement in the fabric“, a characteristic that Eurojersey reaches through its newly launched Sensitive Sand fabric.

Apart from trying to bring a better overview of jersey’s several features to customers, Michela Delle Donne, Marketing Director of Eurojersey, sees a wider use of jersey in reach: “We see jersey more and more used as a fabric for tailored items such as blazers or costumes. A good examples is the businesswear line that Lululemon recently started to offer. It fits formal standards but at the same time is comfortable and easy-to-use.“

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At the same time Delle Donne points out the push that apparel received thorugh the athleisure trend: “This is a trend that is still on the rise. It creates an immense request for jersey fabrics. But it’s important to constantly offer the customers new features when it comes to the optics or the haptics of the fabrics.“ Softness, shaping, elasticity or recovery features need to be constantly developed. So does the looks: Eurojersey widens the range of designs and offers for example jersey in leather optics treated with a special coating or jersey mesh created with a lasering technique.