An amazing architectural setting highlighted Valencia, Spain’s second “Semana de la Moda” and XIVth edition of the Pasarela del Carmen, which ran from January 29 to February 2.

The events were surrounded by the 21st century buildings of the “City of Arts and Sciences,” created by Valencian Santiago Calatrava. Covering 1,500 sq. meters, they house a planetarium, a museum and Europe’s biggest aquarium, all in futuristic shining white forms and encircled by huge water-pools. The 26 fashion shows that took place in the museum were sponsored for the first time by Spanish brand Cimarron (, which also presented an exhibition of its selected and hand-embroidered denim-styles.

The first day of the fashion week was dedicated to young talents: Aurelia Gil, Encarnis Tomero, Yiyi Gutz, La fierecilla domada, Con faldas y a lo loco, Mónica Lavandera and Hoet y David Montoro – all recent graduates of Spanish fashion schools – introduced their creations. Josè Miro highlighted the day with its evening womenswear show that was full of African-inspired white cotton styles, all decorated with strings and weave-work, as well as a range of denim skirts, trousers and jackets combined with gray jerseys.

A variety of themes and shows were presented over the four days. The brand Matilda (pictured above), founded by male designer Óscar López, came up with retro dresses in jersey and multicolored coats. Dolores Cortés featured colorful ’60s-inspired swimwear that was worn by Spanish supermodel Laura Sanchez. Porfin! showed striped pullovers in French style for girls and guys and its coats played with volume. Hannibal Laguna showed glamourous Marilyn Monroe-style evening dresses and several men’s suits. Global Collection by Manuel Fernández introduced multicolored children’s and women’s knitwear, a solidarity line that supports kids in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Jaime Piquer had the most spectacular show with an innovative choreography and a group of aviator styles.

During the week, Cimarron also chose its main model for its a/w 2007-08 catalog: Gema Colomer will be the new face of the brand.

— Barbara Stockinger, Contributing Editor