Italian brand Freesoul ( is getting artistic with its dance and music performance at Bread & Butter, which runs tomorrow to July 6. Here, CEO Paolo Dari talks to Sportswear International about the performance and the brand’s values and strategies:

Freesoul is getting artistic with its event at Bread & Butter. What is your strategy behind this form of communication?
Paolo Dari: When we launched our brand we had to define the parameters or the pilasters of the image of our company and we internationally defined the values we want to stand for. And creativity is an untouchable value of our brand.

What is this Bread & Butter event all about?
P.D.: Humor and play is what our project is all about. With this performance we wanted to break out of the quite boring repetition of a catwalk. We wanted to use a new form of presentation that combines dance, music, visual stimuli and art.

What is the idea behind events like this?
P.D.: With our artistic projects we want to bring in the freshness and creativity seen by the eyes of a child. Art is a thing of 360 degrees: you can go in many directions. We want to give the world of young people a space. I think that they are very interested in art: take a look at what cool films they make just with their mobile phones!

What target do you address with this way of communicating?
P.D.: Today it is quite difficult to define a target and you have to open up: There are young women that wear the same stuff as older women. So it is not that easy anymore to define a social target and a target of age. But we address the world of young people.

Do think there is a risk that the attention could be more on the spectacle than on the actual fashion?
P.D.: I think it is important to keep the balance. Our activity at Bread & Butter is more complex. We transmit emotions and show our values. During the show a certain spirit will be created. But at Bread & butter we also have a stand of 1,200 sq. meters (4000 sq. feet), where only the products stand in the center.

What are Freesoul’s key looks for s/s 2008?
P.D.: The collection is divided into four themes and the natural elements play a big part. Denim is of course always important as well as the play with textiles: There will be silk cotton and silver denim. The colors go from gray over the whole range from light-colored to dark. Small details like naturally oxygenated buttons are very important. In addition there is a special unisex line with trousers and tops in natural colors, where every color smells of a different perfume.

Apart from Bread & Butter, what trade shows will you exhibit your styles at and where else will you show your art-performance?
P.D.: Next we will exhibit at the Modefabriek. But the plan is to go on a tour with the art-show to open it up even for the public.

— Barbara Stockinger, Editorial Contributor