Fornarina has launched its first online temporary store. Through the brand’s new interactive website Fornarina Fabulous Legs, consumers can now explore various sizes, fits, styles and combinations through the feature "Denim Machine" section, as well as purchase single items out of the 12 outfits presented on the website including shoes, tops and jackets, in addition to “custom-made” jeans.

The choice to present 12 outfits is part of a whole communication strategy already launched by Fornarina through its Fabulous Legs ad campaign spot (in 2D for TV, and in 3D for movie theaters) and other retail-related activities.

The pilot e-commerce project, designed to enhance customer service, will last for six weeks for the Italian market only, but the experience could be rolled out to European countries soon.

In the meantime, Fornarina is planning to add a 3-D feature to its new shopping website; the aim is to recreate the experience of physically seeing and touching its products.

—Maria Cristina Pavarini