The 81st edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo, held in Fortezza da Basso, Florence on 10-13 January 2012, presented 1,100 exhibitors and registered a total of over 30,000 visitors, 7,400 of which were foreign. Italian buyers made up approximately 13,600, about 10% less than in January 2011.

The most important groups of foreign buyers came from Germany (834 buyers in total), Japan (766) and Spain (586; 150 less than a year ago). Other registered buyers came from the UK (573), Turkey (517) and The Netherlands (501) as well as from China (391), South Korea (306) and the US (201). Double-digit increases came from Northern European countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Among Eastern European countries, positive results came from Romania, Latvia, Slovenia and Croatia amidst fewer visits from Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. India and Mexico showed stability as emerging markets, while South Africa and Israel registered some growth.

“We always give real results," commented Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine. "It is a matter of loyalty and respect to everyone; figures don't lie. We know that everyone - especially exhibitors - were very happy about this edition. A single buyer from Germany, Japan, Great Britain or the US can make a significant difference because of their potentially high spending power; these were responsible for the most significant results for Pitti and Made in Italy. Additionally, the most important Italian buyers were in attendance the, even though some of them closed this year. Despite this, some of them still came to visit in hopes of finding new ideas and enthusiasm."