The Fondazione Pitti Discovery has announced its latest project: “Workwear: Lavoro Moda Seduzione,” by Olivier Saillard and Oliviero Toscani, will run from Jan. 13 through Feb. 8 at Stazione Leopolda, and be launched on the occasion of the 75th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence.

Highlighting the ways in which clothing,.accessories, images and sounds articulate the dialogues between the worlds of work and fashion, “Workwear” begins with the observation of how the simple, functional aesthetics of work clothes, created for mobility and protection, have provided an infinite source of fashion inspiration since the beginning of the 20th century.

The exhibit, which includes a backdrop of freight pallets, wood and metal workbenches, will feature some 300 different work-suits, from fireproof suits in multilayered fiber to diving suits, firemen’s uniforms and fishermen’s suits, as well as 2,500 examples of safety and protective gear, hardhats, welders’ masks, aprons and gloves (in chain mail for meat processing, for example) protective masks (in laminated glass and other materials), and safety shoes. Over 18,000 images have also been selected for the show, in addition to 60 canvases and screens featuring videos and photos, and 70 garments by designers ranging from Chanel to Stone Island, all selected by Olivier Saillard, curator of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and Maria Luisa Frisa.

The exhibit will be accompanied by a catalog in Italian and English, published by Marisilio of Venice and the Fondazione Pitti Discovery, for the series MODE. Names featured in the exhibition and catalog include workwear manufacturers such as Fraizzoli, Giordani Giancarlo, Masi, Proteco Sub, Raitex, Sperian Protection Italia, and Tecnologie Monaldo Monaldi.