Clubkid, the first German concept store based around the legendary London brand BOY London will open in Düsseldorf on Saturday October 6.

Situated on Pionierstraße between Düsseldorf's main station and the city center, the two business partners Klaus D. Wolf and Lukas Raab believe to have found the right place for their Clubkid store. The 70 m² location with simple white/black decor in a former art gallery shall express the Clubkid esprit.
Lukas Raab, Clubkid’s store manager: "For us, BOY London is not simply a brand, but a homage to the Club Kids of the 70s and 80s. Our aim is to import exactly this spirit to Germany and introduce rather unknown labels such as Black Sanctuary and Destroy Culture, by Shaun Bass to this market.”

In addition to the iconic London BOY Caps and exclusive Special Editions of BOY London garments, printed t-shirts by Long Clothing and creepers by Underground Shoes will also be retailed at the store. The assortment will be completed by selected pieces of jewellery by Black Sanctuary and art works by London- and Cologne-based artist Sylvie Tillmann.

Moreover, Clubkid is collaborating with several British and US-American musicians to create exclusive mixtapes for the shop.
The Clubkid owners plan to launch their own Clubkid collection next year and carry out collaborations with further young artists in London.

The almost uniform-like BOY London fashion founded in the late 70's by Stephane Raynor, is still an integral part of the London party scene and has been enhanced by iconic names like Andy Warhol, Madonna, Boy George. And the word, BOY, can be seen emblazoned in large letters on the shirts of today’s music stars, such as Rihanna. Nevertheless, BOY London retains a permanent place in the underground and embodies the spirit of an entire generation.