British fashion label Firetrap has collaborated with designer Ziad Ghanem and his ready-to-wear Maiden Britain collective for S/S 10. The result is a small line titled “The Immoralist,” inspired by the Andre Gide novel, and takes in a myriad references ranging from Hollywood’s glamorous golden age to London’s multi-cultural mix.

Post-war 1950s America is the collection’s primary influence, with Pop Art to fast food reflecting an era of youthful optimism and a future full of promise. On the collection Ghanem said: “It’s the American Dream turned into a British Reality.” Color, texture, form and shiny futuristic metallics are juxtaposed with 3D-shapes and easy-to-wear fabrics to create pieces full of wit and character.

For the seven-piece capsule range Ghanem took original Firetrap denim styles and transformed them into distinct recreations that remain in tune with the core Firetrap collection. Offered in a rainbow of blues, each denim patchwork piece has been carefully considered and crafted. The capsule range will be showcased at City Hall before being auctioned off in support of The Mayor’s Fund for London.

—Melanie Gropler