Fiorucci is undergoing a relaunch for its brand with Europe-wide strategies through the recently signed agreement with Ittierre starting from s/s 2012 and the launch of a capsule collection with Naomi Campbell (see our report).

"We aim at focusing on higher product image and quality," explains Eduard Obringer, General Manager, who is in charge of the overall repositioning strategy. "For this, we chose to return to producing the collection in Italy with Ittierre and offer our collection at top-end retailers selling young high-quality brands and designers’ second lines."

The s/s 2012 collection now counts 120 Fiorucci pieces and 15 Naomi Campbell pieces, plus a few t-shirts for men. From next season onwards, Fiorucci will offer about 200 items (adding small dresses and evening dresses) and the Naomi Campbell will include 30 items. The apparel collection is designed by the internal Fiorucci design office while accessories and footwear are created in collaboration with designers and the product manager of Ittierre.

Moreover, a series of renewed licensing agreements - in total 28 - will be part of the relaunch initiative with appreciated manufacturers working with designer brands such as Binda for watches, Fashion Cube for footwear and Volpi Group for bags.

The young fashion and jeanswear brand owned by Edwin expects to close 2013 with a turnover of €10 million in Europe and a distribution network of 350 stores in Italy and 350 in the rest of Europe (at present it is sold through 200 stores and 18 shop-in-shops in Italy and 100 in Europe). In the rest of the world,  the brand is also sold in Asia through an own division managed directly by Edwin, and in South America where it is organized through 17 licensing agreements and is distributed in top stores in countries like Peru, Columbia and Brazil. In 2010, the company generated a worldwide turnover of €46 million.

“Future expansion aims to include markets such as the Middle East, India and China where we want to move soon, though we need to offer a specific retail concept," comments Obringer, pointing out that the group recently opened a store with 1,000sqm in Hong Kong. “By the end of the year, we will present a very special international retail concept that will help us reaching this goal."