This month, and at select stores worldwide, Swedish fashion brand Filippa K ( is launching T-shirts branded with “The Swan” label, which represents the independent, non-profit organisation committed to environmentally sound garment production, established by the Nordic Council of Ministers (

The collection, which consists of t-shirts for men and woman, in two styles, is produced with organic cotton and with the lowest possible environmental impact.

”With Swan-labeled clothes Filippa K wants to show the company’s long term environmental way of thinking. As one of the first Nordic clothing brands we make garments with minimum environmental impact throughout all stages of the production process. This is a big step in the right direction concerning eco-clothes and it is just the beginning of our long term focus on environmentally friendly design”, says Maj-La Pizzelli, Product Director at Filippa K.

Conventional manufacturing methods mean that clothing and textiles are a serious environmental and health problem throughout the world, with large amounts of chemicals being used in all phases of production. Cotton is one of the world's most sprayed crops and is often treated with very harmful biocides and defoliants. Furthermore, the textile industry uses large quantities of water and energy, and produces large amounts of waste.

”It is an important step for our work that Filippa K now produces according to The Swan’s environmental requirements. We are an eco label that considers the overall environmental impact of the garment and controls everything from the cotton plantation to production and the finished garment”, says Ragnar Unge, CEO at The Swan.