FGF Group celebrates its anniversary of being in business for 15 years.

1998 Enzo Fusco decided to start designing his own collections and convinced his wife Silvana, daughter Frederica and son-in-law Guiseppe to follow him into this new adventure. The family-run business Fucso, Giuseppe and Federica “FGF Industry” was born. The idea was to start up a company involved in the creation, production and distribution of sportswear. This allows Enzo Fusco to create his own collections and follow them until they were in the shops, without any corporate interference.

After 15 years, FGF Industry has become an international focus of the "Made in Italy" label. The company owns the brands Design by Enzo Fusco, CP Company, BPD and Ten C, and is licensee of the Blauer USA brand that is sold in 50 countries, in over 2,200 shops, with more than 20 international stores.

These 15 years includes collections like Blauer, which owns Blauer Junior, Blauer Denim, Blauer Shoes, Blauer H.T. and Blauer Helmets, Design by Enzo Fusco, C.P. Company and C.P. Company Undersixteen, BPD-Be Proud of this Dress, and, the latest, the Ten C collection