Enzo Fusco's FGF Industries, the Italian company managing the Blauer, BPD, C.P. Company and Ten C brands, is focusing its activities on two main aims: expanding in foreign markets - and especially in extra-European upcoming markets, while increasing quality content and prices. "Considering the difficult situation the Italian market is now facing, I prefer to concentrate on foreign markets. This will help also a consequent recovery in Italy," comments entrepreneur and designer Enzo Fusco.

For this they are planning to start a retail strategy in China. They will soon be opening three stores in China in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzou. By The end 2013 they also want to expand in the US and Russia and open a FGF showroom in New York and one in Moscow, and shortly thereafter open two additional stores in each of these countries. FGF have already started distributing to Korea. In addition to this they aim to open a new FGF store selling all the brands of the group in Rome by end 2013, a similar concept to the store opened in Milan in September 2012- read the story here on sportswearnet.com.

Also important has been the company's effort in increasing quality and prices. “A selection of super lightweight high-quality down jackets offered at an entry price at wholesale of €89 has already given us very good sell-out results" commented Fusco. In addition they have increased retail prices of about 10%: "We had to do it and not only because raw material prices have generally increased: fur prices have doubled, down prices have increased of about 35-45%, leather prices have grown and transportation costs have risen 50%. We also started offering a more elaborate collection completed with more leather and fur details, as well as with top quality knitwear lining and reversible garments in order to offer an adequate top quality product." And continues Fusco: "In addition, since so many retailers are not paying right now I decided to only keep those that pay, and cut 20% of our distribution, and focus only on most select and trustworthy retailers, as well as on consumers who are ready to spend."

In addition to the Blauer, BPD and C.P. Company brands, from F/W 2013/2014, FGF has started distributing and producing Ten C under a licensing agreement. The brand, designed and owned by Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey, offers 17 iconic pieces (for both men and women) made with a high-performance Japanese jersey and characterised by no logo and no labels - on the inner or outer part of the garments. As a consequence from the positive experience originated from this collaboration, from F/W 2013/2014 the designer duo has also started designing C.P. Company read an interview here on sportswearnet.com.