Düsseldorf is gearing up for the future. The three trade fairs that will be held there in February will feature several important changes, including a new layout, new exhibitors and the first-ever presentation of young fashion collections.

The cpd woman_man trade show, which will be held February 1-4, will feature a new format that will provide a diversified, full-fashion range under one roof that is homogeneous in structure. The presentation will be segmented into three autonomous "communities": Menswear, Womenswear and Lifestyle/Casual/Sports.
The structure will tie in with an overall system that guides visitors through the halls. Hall 8 to 17 will be devoted to womenswear, from Essential to New Womenswear, and followed by style-coordinated suppliers of Lifestyle/Casual/Sports. This area will then segue into Menswear.
The core segments of the three communities will be also be coherently structured. Special areas such as White & Night, Fur & Leather and the Fashion Gallery will be given their own dedicated areas, and Accessories will be concentrated in the front halls. Global Fashion will be presented as a separate section in Hall 5 at the front part of the hall.
With a direct link to the Fashion Gallery, hall 7 features a new, spacious show center, the Hall of Design. Each day, the cpd woman_man shows will be staged there.
The recommended course for visitors will lead them from the northern entrance (Eingang Nord) to the eastern entrance (Eingang Ost).
In addition, new stand designs at the fair will cut costs and contribute to a more open presentation. Business lounges, relaxation areas and bars will be in the center of the halls, and undoubtedly help foster communication. Background music and displays of art books and photos are also planned for these areas.

Trendy fair Reevolutions, which is organized by the Trio GbR in cooperation with the Igedo Company, will be held February 1-3, and strategically placed in the forecourt of the south entrance to cpd woman_man. Over 60 designer brands, hip streetwear lines and cutting-edge collections are expected to take part in this third edition of Reevolutions, which boasts a an extremley relaxed athmosphere.

The Collection Premiere Moscow, which will run February 24 to 27, will show young fashion collections for the first time. The young trendsetters will be located in hall 4. Brands such as His, Lee, Wrangler, Lucky Luke, Dunlop Footwear, Madonna, Freesoul and Phard are expected. More than 700 collections from 24 countries will exhibit womenswear, menswear, kidswear, young fashion and accessories.

— Lisa Dartmann, Sportswear News