The second edition of the Fast Fashion Center Festival, organized by Bologna, Italy's CenterBOx group, registered 23,500 visitors, or 2% more than in its September 2009 edition. Twenty percent of its visitors also were foreigners, hailing from Germany, Russia, France, Japan and Greece.

This second edition of the Fast Fashion Festival was held from Feb. 15-16, with the aim of drawing international and domestic buyers to the updated CenterBOx (previously known as Centergross) consortium of about 700 Italian fast fashion apparel producers, based near Bologna, which offer on a weekly basis outstanding and innovative Italian-made products at a pleasing price-quality ratio.

The edition comprised several notable initiatives no less. One was a roundtable dedicated to fast fashion and, in general, the different cultural expressions of speed. Participants in the roundtable, “Run, fashion, run. Second part,” included fashion designer Elio Fiorucci, art curator Gianni Mercurio and musician Saturnino. Another initiative was Regeneration Box, an experimental art project involving The Fine Arts Academy of Bologna which comprised a series of 10 artistic “containers” that will be donated to Bologna and its surrounding areas as decorative objects for the landscape. Last but not least was the Fast Fashion Show, a static fashion presentation of 40 brands of the CenterBOx complex curated by the stylist Sissy Vian and the architect Vincezo de Cotiis.

—Maria Cristina Pavarini