Many fashion companies are giving generously to the relief effort in Haiti. Friedrich Knapp, the owner of New Yorker retail group in Germany, for example announced plans to donate €1 million to the earthquake victims in Haiti during the German television charity event, “Ein Herz für Kinder,” supported by prominent politicians, singers, actors and celebrities. “We are helping the people in Haiti with pleasure,” said Knapp by phone during the charity. Meanwhile, S. Oliver said it was donating every dollar made through its online shop over one week. By the end of the charity, which was organized in partnership with s. Oliver spokesperson David Garrett, the company sent a sum of €50,000 to the victims. Scarlett Johansson and Mango are also supporting the relief effort with a charity bag, designed exclusively by the actress for the retailer. Beginning in March the bag will be available for €19.90 in 1,390 Mango stores. The print of the bag is an old map of Haiti with the message, “Supporting the people of Haiti.” Last but not least, the young fashion label Zimtstern says it will donate the entrance fees to its Ispo party in Munich to the cause.

—Lisa Dartmann