Fashion design as a career is in demand particularly by young people, and the global education possibilities are vast. But the myth of the fashion industry and the career profile given to the public often don’t match with reality. To be successful in the fashion industry requires more than just creative skills. The true challenge the designers face is the difficult balance between design and commerce.

With its Fashion & Design Academy Program in August and October 2010 and the working topic of “what really matters in the global fashion business,” organizers of the Berlin-based platform Fashion Patrons aim to offer well-funded knowledge and further training to pave the difficult way for creative start-ups.

An attractive line up of professional coaches from the fashion industry will run several workshops and lectures, including Christina Kässhöfer, Head of Marketing Diesel Germany; Rike Döpp, Co-Owner & Creative Director Agentur V; Patrick Schmidt, Team Leader Creation & Conception Liganova; Ulrike Möslinger, Head of Marketing & Management Galeries Lafayette Berlin; Katharina Kemmler, Brand Consultant; Sylvia Hansen, Project Manager Startup Bootcamp Copenhagen; Ilya Morgan, CEO Deluxe Distribution; and Mario Lombardo, Creative Director of Mario Lombardo.

All individual electives, held in English, will target the main topics of brand marketing, brand presentation, strategic brand positioning, new communication concepts and pr, social media business, business plan and financing, sales and distribution, business management, trend and market research, and look book design.

Fashion Patrons is running the 2nd edition of the Academy this year from August 16-28 and from October 4-16 in Berlin, following its debut in 2009.