To celebrate its 90th anniversary, the cult label Farah has launched a premium capsule collection named after the year the label was born: 1920. Drawing on its rich heritage and multifaceted past, each piece comes with its own intriguing history. A navy pea coat produced for the US Army in 1941 tells the story of the label’s origins as a military and workwear manufacturer, while a selection of button-down shirts and slim-cut cotton twill pants convey the label’s status as a 1960s Mod favorite. “Farah’s 90-year anniversary has provided the spark-point to revisit the history and to show the unrivaled heritage of the Farah brand,” said David Ward, managing director of Farah. Produced using authentic materials and detailing to accurately mirror the archival profile of each vintage reproduction, the Farah 1920 range is as close to the real deal as you can get. A limited run of 90 pieces per item will hit stores such as London’s Selfridges come September.

Emma Holmqvist