Fashion Week, the Berlin trade show specializing in urbanwear, may get an unwanted neighbor at the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz in January.

Newcomer FAME, or Fashion and Media Entertainment ( has announced that it will spread out similar trade show interests in adjacent spaces at Sony Center. The FAME show plans its first run during the upcoming Bread & Butter and Premium exhibitions on January 21-23 in Berlin.

FAME will be organized by J.L.King Media & Entertainment, which is based in Bingen, Germany. J.L.King publishes the German edition of the hip-hop magazine Bounce and distributes US hip-hop labels such as Troop and Raw Blue within Europe.

Similar to Fashion Week, FAME caters to and primarily focuses on urbanwear and hip-hop labels "but also welcomes other fashion brands as well as jewelry and accessory companies," says J.L.King’s chief editor and sales manager, Alexa Bartel.

The show, which will cover approximately 2,500 sq. meters at Sony Center Forum and Sony Center Europazentrale, plans to present brands such as P.Miller, Troop, Damani Dada, Respect, Pro-Keds, Raw Blue, Snoop Dogg, Lil Romeo and Everlast. It hopes to attract customers with great service, including free entrance.<

FAME’s arrival on the scene has spawned rumors that Fashion Week will not take place in January. Babs, Fashion Week’s initiator, denies them, though: "[They are] nothing to take seriously," Babs says.

However, some of Fashion Week’s previous exhibitors, including FUBU Shoes and Joker Brand, still haven’t received definite confirmation that the Fashion Week show will definitely happen. "So far, Babs didn’t make any commitments regarding Fashion Week in January – one reason we want to go back to Bread & Butter," says Markus Bennemann, a distributor at FUBU Shoes Germany.

It remains to be seen if other Fashion Week brands will also take their booths to Bread & Butter instead.

One reason for the delayed confirmation is because the Fashion Week show and Sony Entertainment Berlin, which rents out the exhibition space, are still in discussions. "At the moment, Sony Entertainment Berlin and Fashion Week are still in proceedings about the future development. First results are expected within the next weeks," says Babs.

Claudia Grundke, a representative from Sony Entertainment Berlin, also wouldn’t confirm any fixed participation yet.