Faces & Laces, the interactive streetwear exhibition and music showcase from May 20-21, was held for the fourth time in Moscow. Organizers continue to profess their loyalty to only one tradition: anti-traditionalism. As a result, the show has been changing its venue every year. This time, Faces took place in a historical building close to Red Square, which for two days was transformed with a huge skateboard ramp, a space for graffiti artists, DJs and live music. Booths of the participants, which included international brands such as Puma, Lacoste, Adidas Originals, Nike, Fred Perry, Quiksilver and LRG, and several cool Russian streetwear designers and brands, were decorated in the spirit of the show and interactive with its visitors. Fred Perry, for example, held a mini-tournament of ping-pong, while Adidas Originals offered to the audience computer games with an Original sneaker as a joystick. The program of the show also comprised graffiti artists’ works and installations, live music and DJ-sets, a Faces & Skaters contest, and seminars and master classes on contemporary culture themes.