The winners of the 2014 Euroshop Retail Design awards have been announced. The Puma brand store in Osaka (plajer + franz studio), the Canadian fashion chain Simons West in Edmonton (Visplay and Philip Beesley) and the Novoli in Firenze (Paolo Lucchetta architecture office and RetailDesign srl.) have each won an award. This year, the participation has broken all records: 84 projects from 31 countries were submitted. A crucial factor in order to obtain the prize was again a holistic store concept with a clear range and message.

Puma brand store, Osaka
The Berliner architecture office plajer + franz studio created a store which symbolizes the philosophy of the brand, which at the same time references Japanese architecture and design. It provides customers with a fun and refreshing shopping experience in its 600sqm three-floored building. The upper floor is an open roof terrace surrounded by a light façade design and is intended for sports events. The façade of expanded metal is light and allows plenty of daylight in store. Inside the cone-shaped stairway is an eye-catching, red fire -wall that carries a strong brand statement.

Simons West, Edmonton
Visplay, leading provider of modular furniture systems for retail, and Canadian artist Philip Beesley are behind the astonishing impression of this establishment of the Canadian fashion chain Simons West in Edmonton (Canada). The store offers everything from basics to designer labels with matching accessories. Beesley was inspired by the aurora and created “Simons Aurora”, an impressive installation of delicate crystal-like structures that form a gentle crescendo of lights. Digital media is omnipresent: from the Tablet PC as an interface for e-commerce to the Photo Star cabin in which customers can publish photos in real time on social networks, the shopping experience at Simons is fully networked. Novoli, Florenz
Architecture firm Paola Lucchetta and RetailDesign srl. teamed up to bring customer satisfaction to the front in the Novoli supermarket in Firenze, a 2,500sqm store that sells the highest-quality products from the region. The design of the market is sleek and minimal. The dominant colours are beige and grey, combined with large areas of glass, and warm materials that creates a typical cosy, yet contemporary Italian atmosphere. Key items are highly visible within the establishment. The building is also highly energy efficiency.