From 1st September all Italian brands belonging to Emerisque Group (MCS, Marina Yachting and Henry Cotton’s) will be managed by the same structure in the Mestre area that is already hosting the brands Marina Yachting and Henry Cotton’s that were bought from Moncler Group by Emerisque.

“Our aim to move MCS from Valdagno is aimed to profit from the same and more efficient logistics (an airport nearby, convenient trains, etc...), an existing community nearby and the proximity of sources of young talents with fashion career aspirations and better opportunities to optimize infrastructure and hard and soft resources across all of our brands,” commented Michael Specht, global head of retail and member of the executive board at the Emerisque Group Italy.

The 101 employees working for MCS in Valdagno, in the premises that previously belonged to Marzotto Group and that Emerisque bought from Valentino Fashion Group, will all be relocated to Mestre, which will become the new headquarters for all three Emerisque brands.

Future aims to push the growth of the three brands will also be part of a strategy that Emerisque will focus on for the upcoming months. “Our aim is to open monobrand stores – at least one per each fashion city,” continues Specht.

What they started doing for MCS, acquired two years ago, will also be applied for the other brands, while focusing on keen research of productive sources guaranteeing better price points, while keeping brand image and quality intact. “Our philosophy is to provide the very best design, product quality and overall brand experience at a retail price that sets it apart from our competitors,” continues Specht. “Retail prices for the products may be lower overall, but the brand experience is only getting better.” For this they will also continue launching special projects and limited edition capsule collections as the Henry Cotton’s collaboration with Liberty Fabrics for f/w 2015/2016 (see picture).

Also part of their strategy is to increase their brand’s distribution in addition to the 40 markets where they are already selling successful such as for instance Italy, France and the UK. Future plans include their further growth in Greater Russia, China, India, Middle East and North Africa.

A more complete and detailed report on Emerisque Group’s strategies will be published in S.I., issue 269, appearing on 23 October 2015.