MCS Italia SpA, owner of the brand MCS We The People (former MCS Marlboro Classics), was acquired by global investor Emerisque Brands UK Limited (also known as Emerisque Brands). Through intermediate companies the acquisition of MCS - previously controlled by Permira fund and Marzotto family - was signed on 22 April 2013.

MCS is a major casualwear brand with 25 years of experience combining US lifestyle with Italian know-how.

The brand has recently embarked upon a re-branding project, with the aim to transform itself into a more contemporary apparel and accessory brand. MCS is now sold in 40 markets worldwide including: Italy, France, Eastern and Northern Europe, Hong Kong and the Middle East and is distributed through over 1,400 stores, including 300 negozi monobrand stores and shop-in-the-shops - read more here on

Ajay Khaitan, co-founder Emerisque Brands and former president and CEO of Lee Cooper, another brand recently acquired by Emerisque Brands, commented: "We are very happy to collaborate with MCS and expect to further develop the company. MCS owns a distinguished and highly recognizable brand recalling the US’s rugged West, though refined and contemporary and able to grab the attention of contemporary consumers. Thanks to our own expertise in this market we are sure we can increase the brand's presence through different distribution channels and in new high-growth international markets.”

Massimo Gasparini, non-executive president, MCS Apparel and Italian representative for Emerisque Brands, added: "Emerisque Group have for a long time been looking for an important Italian brand with a high potential of growth, to be further distributed throughout Main China, Main Russia, India and the Middle East. We hope we can further increase our platform with new investments and include other Italian brands."

Founded in 2004, Emerisque is a global investor focused on developing and growing the companies in their portfolio. It operates in the UK, US and Hong Kong. It focuses its acquisitions and investments in medium-size companies which can fast quickly in emerging countries and through retail activities.

The group has already invested by acquiring Lee Cooper, Hickey Freeman, Hart Schaffner Marx, Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus, Exclusively Misook, Christopher Blue, Palm Beach, Sansabelt and Monarchy.